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dentist in tribeca NYC

Our office on Broadway Street is nestled in among Tribeca’s gorgeous signature loft buildings. Yet there’s more to do in Tribeca than take in landmarks like the American Thread Building or the Powell Building. There’s a lot of great stuff to see and do here, as well.

For example, Tribeca’s shopping is, simply put, a fantastic, unique experience. This is especially true if you enjoy high-end women’s clothing. There are unique boutiques like Christina Lehr and Roberta Roller Rabbit to help you find your sense of style.

Of course, clothing isn’t all you’ll find. Korin is here in Tribeca as well: a place where aspirant chefs can purchase high end knives from around the world, as well as take knife sharpening classes. Even a home cook can benefit from having better knives to work with, and there is a broad selection to choose from.

If you love mystery novels, thrillers, and spy novels you could visit the Mysterious Bookshop. It’s devoted entirely to the mystery genre. Pick up something to read in our waiting room if our lobby’s selection of magazines isn’t quite gripping enough for your tastes. Just don’t get too sucked in—you will have to put your book down when it’s time for your appointment!

You can also hit some really fantastic restaurants here in Tribeca. These are all the types of places you absolutely cannot find anywhere else. For example, you can’t exactly get Brazilian ice cream just anywhere—but you can get it by visiting A.B. Biagi in Tribeca. You’ll get to taste flavors you’ve never experienced before.

Amazing Austrian food is another rare treat, and it’s available by visiting a restaurant called Bâtard. Bâtard also has some French treats, which means it offers a true European flare that’s worth experiencing at least once.

There are plenty of great bars to enjoy as well—and few are run-of-the-mill. The Brandy Library has a unique atmosphere and over 100 drinks to choose from (it literally is a “library” of alcoholic beverages). Looking for something simpler? It’s hard to go wrong by heading over to Mudville 9 for some beer and wings.

Of course, as your local dentists here in the Tribeca area, we want to remind you to brush and floss after enjoying your culinary adventures. We want you to enjoy all Tribeca has to offer, but not at the expense of your oral health!

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