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dentisat in financial district nyc

Most people probably aren’t thinking about “fun” when they think about life here in New York’s Financial District. After all the image is all about the Wall Street power brokers in their smart business suits.

People who relocate here are often surprised. Many of our patients have recently scored great new jobs here in the financial district, and we enjoy telling them about some of the things they can see and do without having to travel more than a few blocks away.

It’s not all fast talking, wheeling, dealing, and power lunches at the nearest grab-and-go dive. As this Business Insider article about the 15 Best Bars in the Financial District indicates, there are plenty of places to relax, unwind, and enjoy life, too. Granted, if you go to Trinity Place you’ll get the best of both worlds, since you’ll be drinking and dining inside of a bank vault.

There are other neat places to catch a bite too. Ever had a Ramen Burger? You can when you start really digging in to what this lively district has to offer.

If you haven’t visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum yet it is worth going to take a look. The trip might be sobering, but no less worthwhile. The National Museum of the American Indian, the Skyscraper Museum, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage are all nice stops as well. Once you get ready for something lighter (and, again, “financially themed) the Museum of American Finance isn’t too far away.

Want to understand even more about our financial system? Take advantage of one of the free tours of the Federal Reserve building. You’ll actually get to see the vault, which is 80 feet below street level. It’s actually filled with 7000 tons of gold. If you’re not actually working on Wall Street you might also enjoy the ongoing Wall Street Walks, a guided tour of all of the financial hot spots. The tour guide isn’t just some teen, either—every guide has actually worked on Wall Street, making it a great opportunity to ask some questions.

If music is more your scene be sure to swing by 180 Maiden Lane every Tuesday at 12:30 PM. Students from Julliard perform free for an hour. They were good enough to get into Julliard, so you’ll know the music is going to be high-quality stuff, even if it is student music. Quite a few of our staff members like to grab a sandwich on their lunch breaks and catch the concert before heading back to work.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love having an office in this lively, interesting district. Ask us about a few more of our favorite spots when you come to visit us!

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