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Woman using electric toothbrush in New York

Good oral hygiene offers one of the best defenses against cavities and other oral health problems. You should be brushing a minimum of twice a day, and flossing is important too. Since brushing your teeth is so important, you want to make the most of your daily brushing, ensuring that you remove food particles and plaque to prevent tooth decay. If you want to improve your results, consider stepping up your brushing game with an electric toothbrush.

The Advantages of an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are rechargeable brushes that plug into the wall. The brush heads are changed regularly to ensure proper cleaning. Brush heads come in various sizes and shapes and work different, depending on the toothbrush. Some rotate, vibrate, oscillate, or make use of sonic technology. No matter the features of the specific brush you choose, here is a look at some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you make the switch to an electric toothbrush.


  • Advantage 1 – More Thorough Cleaning – Electric brushes offer a more thorough cleaning than you can get from a manual toothbrush. The moving bristles help to better remove plaque, and the advanced designs of these brushes are better able to get into areas that are difficult to clean, such as the gum line and the backs of molars.
  • Advantage 2 – Prevent Over Brushing – Many people who use manual toothbrushes brush their teeth too hard, which can damage enamel and damage gum tissue. Electric options help to prevent over brushing, since the moving bristles do all the work. You do not need to move the brush back and forth or apply pressure, and some models even reduce power if they sense you’re brushing too hard.
  • Advantage 3 – Ensures You’re Brushing Long Enough – You should be brushing your teeth for two minutes each time you brush, but it’s easy to overestimate the amount of time you spend on your teeth. Most people are not brushing long enough, but an electric toothbrush can ensure you do get those two minutes in. Many electric models come with timers to ensure you’re getting enough time in, and some even have timers for each quadrant of your mouth to ensure you’re spending the right amount of time on all areas for a better clean.
  • Advantage 4 – Excellent Option for Individuals with Limited Hand Mobility – If you have arthritis or another problem that causes dexterity or mobility problems for your hands and arms, an electric brush is an excellent choice. The larger handles make them easier to grip, and they do all the work for you, especially in areas that are difficult to reach if you have limited hand mobility.

We Recommend: Philips Sonicare

While you have many choices when you’re ready to purchase an electric toothbrush, at Central Avenue Dental we recommend Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. The brush head of these models are capable of between 30,000 and 40,000 strokes per minute, which means it’s excellent at removing plaque. This brush also offers benefits for individuals who wear braces, more effectively reducing gum irritation and plaque around braces. Philips Sonicare offers many different models to choose from, whether you are looking for a better clean, whiter teeth, or a brush specifically designed for kids.

Don’t Forget Routine Dental Visits

Of course, while investing in an electric toothbrush can definitely up your oral hygiene game, routine dental visits are still important. Regular checkups and cleanings are essential for long-term oral health, so don’t forget to book those appointments. If it’s time for your next checkup or cleaning, call Central Avenue Dental in Valley Stream or Manhattan today to set up your appointment.



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