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It’s not interesting to stay away from sugary delicacies like candies and cookies, but, when it comes to protecting your teeth from tooth decay, your choice of food is vital. To help prevent tooth decay, here is a list of food choices that you should avoid and ones that you should keep.

Food to Avoid

Candy and Dried fruits

Although candy and dried fruits may seem harmless, eating too much of them can endanger your oral health. When you eat candy or dried fruits, the sugar sticks on the surface of the teeth. As the bacteria in our mouth work to break down the sugar, acid is produced, and too much acid leads to wearing of the enamel and, ultimately, tooth decay.


Bread is surprisingly one of leading unknown causes of tooth decay to many people, including children. When you chew bread, your saliva dissolves the paste-like substance, starch, into sugar. If the starch sticks to the spaces between your teeth, it can eventually contribute to decay.

Carbonated Drinks

When you consume carbonated drinks for long periods of time, you can develop plaque that can, in turn, attack your enamel. In fact, a recent study found that drinking excessive amounts of carbonated soda can have as grave consequences on your teeth as using crack cocaine or methamphetamine. In addition, dark carbonated drinks can discolor your teeth and dry out your mouth leaving you with little saliva.

Ice Cubes

While ice isn’t made of sugar or any other additives, chewing on ice can leave your teeth susceptible to enamel damage and dental emergencies such as loosened or broken tooth. Avoid chewing on ice cubes and use it only to chill beverages.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are made of starch, which, during the breakdown of the starch into sugar, causes the mouth bacterium to release acids. The acids can corrode the enamel and cause wear and decay. If you have gorged on a bag of chips, ensure that you floss to remove starch trapped between your teeth.

Foods to Consider

Cheese and Dairy

Cheese and dairy products, such as yogurt, contain less sugar and more protein and calcium – both of which are vital in strengthening your enamel. According to a report by American Academy of General Dentistry, eating cheese raises the mouth’s pH and lowers the acidity in the mouth. Less acidity in the mouth means lower risk for decay.


Seafood, including fish, shellfish, and lobsters, is an excellent source of lean protein that is vital for health and strong teeth. In addition, they contain fluorides that aid in reducing tooth decay.


If you do not like seafood, nuts can be an excellent alternative. Nuts contain phosphorus and calcium important for teeth strength. Their crunchiness can also aid in the stimulation of saliva that’s important in the prevention of tooth decay.

Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits

Crunchy vegetables, such as carrots and apples, can also help prevent or delay tooth decay. Due to the high fiber content contained in these foods, vegetables and fruit stimulate the production of saliva that inhibits tooth decay. The saliva is vital because it rinses away excess sugar.

What you eat is definitely important in safeguarding your oral and dental health. If you have tooth decay and would like to learn how to prevent further it, contact Central Avenue Dental and book your appointment today.

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