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Young people at a holiday party

The holidays are a culinary delight where parties and family get-togethers constantly offer you something tasty to eat.

When you’re enjoying face-time with all your favorite people – and some of your favorite dishes – don’t forget about dental hygiene.

It’s easy to overlook tooth and gum care in the festive (and hectic!) winter holidays. Still, if you take a little time out to protect your teeth, it could help you in the long run. You may be able to avoid cavities and keep your gums stronger longer, fending off problems like gingivitis.

It’s a good idea to brush after meals whenever you can. You should brush at the start and end of every day and aim to floss at least twice a week. But did you know there are some special dental care techniques you can try during the holidays?

Avoid Dark-Colored Holiday Drinks

Teeth can be stained quickly by dark-colored beverages, which cause discoloration when they sink into the porous surface of tooth enamel. Be mindful of your intake of things like coffee, red wine, soda, and black tea. To safeguard against stains, rinse your mouth with water soon after your drink.

Boost Your Breath With Holiday Snacks

Concerned about bad breath? You can bust bad breath with a number of common holiday snacks. Parsley works fast to neutralize bad odors thanks to its concentration of chlorophyll. Peppermint is another welcome breath-freshener: You only need one drop of peppermint oil in water to get the effects.

Beware of Sugary Delights

Pies, cakes, candy, and other treats high in sugar are the worst enemies of your teeth. Sugar, in particular, gives harmful bacteria powerful fuel, letting it grow faster and colonize tooth surfaces. If you are going somewhere with irresistible sweet snacks, enjoy yours near the end of your visit so you can brush as soon as you get home.

Carry Some Dental Essentials

A travel-size bottle of antibacterial mouthwash can help you protect your teeth all season long even if you don’t have time to brush between every meal. Soft interdental picks and floss on a convenient holder can be used quickly and will support fresh, party-ready breath, too.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a powerful, natural way to inhibit plaque development. First and foremost, it washes food particles out of the mouth rather than leaving them to linger. It also helps keep your mouth moist, working together with your natural saliva. That stops bacteria and maintains a healthy mouth pH.

The holidays can be crazy, but a new year means a new start. One of the best ways to launch a healthy 2018 is to see the dentist. Even if you’ve been putting it off, it’s not too late to get the smile you want. To find out more and to book a teeth cleaning today, contact us at Central Avenue Dental.

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