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Botox Doctor

Botox is most commonly known as a cosmetic treatment that helps give the skin a healthier and more youthful appearance. When used in cosmetic care, it temporarily reduces movement of small muscles in the face that tend to deepen lines and wrinkles.

Some people have even reported other benefits to the use of Botox. Many people don’t realize that Botox can also be employed in dentistry. This versatile treatment actually has many different potential uses depending on your dental needs.

How Botox is Used in Dentistry

Improved Appearance After Dental Procedures

Certain dental procedures may influence the shape of the face, particularly if you have had teeth extracted or have gotten dentures. Botox can be used shortly after a dental procedure to help you improve overall appearance and get the aesthetic results you want from your core plan of treatment. Experienced dentists can administer Botox right in the office.

Treatment for Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) is a painful condition that affects the joint of the jaw. In addition to extreme discomfort, it can cause other problems including stiffness of the joint and reduced range of motion. Although TMJ is complex, many cases can be helped – or completely alleviated – by using Botox to directly reduce tension in the muscles around the joint.

Reduction of Night Grinding

Night grinding is a bad habit that often causes the teeth to erode or crack. Night grinding is difficult to treat, since most people who suffer from it are not even aware it is happening. Botox can reduce prevalence of night grinding and make it easier to protect your teeth. It can also make anti-grinding guards easier to wear.

Find Out More About Dental Botox from Central Avenue Dentistry

Botox isn’t just for looks – it can also help you maintain your dental health. Central Avenue Dentistry is one of the only dental practices in Manhattan with the skills and experience to make Botox a part of your overall dental plan. We are always glad to help you look and feel your best.

Our team offers you compassionate care in a truly comfortable environment. With help from our expert dentists, you’ll make informed choices about your care and feel more satisfied with your smile than ever before.

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