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One of the very few who graduated from New York University at the top of his class with honors. Woodhull Medical Center was where he accomplished extensive training in restorative dentistry, endodontics, and the newest implant technology. Dr. Yuriy Normatov was hand-picked by the director of the hospital to master the art of implant therapy. He was given rigorous cases and was able to meet all the patients’ needs and expectations, along with providing a smile to all.

Dr. Yuriy Normatov is very gentle and caring, he will go above and beyond for his patients. He provides a comfortable environment and listens to all concerns patients may have. Dr. Yuriy Normatov is a firm believer of evidence based dentistry and is up-to-date on the most recent technology savvy dentistry. He welcomes all new patients and would love to give you the smile and oral health that you need. He is the go to dentist if you are looking for expertise, comfort, and a beautiful smile!

Dr. Yuriy Normatov


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