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All On Four Dentures Specialist

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With 18 years of proven success, All-on-4® is the best full arch mouth rehabilitation option available today. The system includes both dental implants and dentures, which give you permanent tooth replacement in just a day. If you need to replace all of your top or bottom teeth, Central Avenue Dental offers All-on-4 dentures in its offices in Valley Stream, New York, and the Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City. Call either office or click on the online booking tool for an appointment.

All on Four Dentures Q & A

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a combination of dentures and dental implants. This innovative system includes four dental implants in each arch. Two angled implants sit in the jawbone towards the back of your mouth, and the front implants sit in the jawbone on either side of your two front teeth. 

These four implants hold an entire arch of prosthetic teeth (dentures) in place. The dentures feature custom-made teeth in an acrylic base that looks just like your natural gums. The dentures securely click into place onto the four dental implants to fully restore your tooth arch. 

What are the benefits of All-on-4 dentures?

All-on-4 dentures offer a number of benefits, particularly when you compare them to conventional dentures. Advantages include:

  • Permanent (no need for daily removal and cleaning)
  • No shifting
  • No slipping
  • No adhesive required
  • Fewer adjustments needed 
  • New teeth in one day
  • Comfortable
  • Natural-looking

All-on-4 also helps prevent bone loss in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, the body stops delivering crucial nutrients like calcium to the area where your tooth roots were. That causes the bone to break down. Jawbone loss can significantly change your facial structure.

The dental implants in the All-on-4 system work like your tooth roots. Your body identifies the implants as tooth roots, so it continually delivers the nutrients needed for healthy bone to keep your jawbone intact.

Are denture implants right for me?

The Central Avenue Dental specialists perform an exam and conduct advanced imaging tests like computed tomography (CT) to determine whether All-on-4 dentures is the right tooth-replacement system for you. 

The All-on-4 system is for people who have no remaining natural teeth in their top or bottom arch. Or for people who need tooth extractions for all their remaining teeth. 

You need a healthy jawbone to support All-on-4 or any type of implant dentures, but they generally require less jawbone density than a mouth full of individual dental implants. Most people don't require bone grafting for All-on-4, even if they would need it for individual dental implants. 

If All-on-4 isn't the right choice, Central Avenue Dental offers other options, including dentures with six or eight supporting implants. You can also opt for regular dental implants or traditional dentures. 

To learn more about how All-on-4 dentures can give you a stable, comfortable, and beautiful smile, call the Central Avenue Dental office nearest you or click on the online booking link.