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Onlay Specialist

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An onlay is a hard protective restoration that you can get instead of a crown in many cases. Located in Valley Stream, New York, and the Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City, Central Avenue Dental creates custom onlays for teeth with damage from cavities. If you’re interested in getting an onlay instead of a crown or filling, call Central Avenue Dental, or book online today.

Onlay Q & A

What is an onlay?

An onlay is a dental restoration that’s similar to, but smaller than, a crown. They fit over the tooth’s bite surface and nothing more, so there is less enamel removal for an onlay than a crown. 

Onlays protect the cusps of damaged teeth or those that have a weak structure. Like crowns, you can get onlays in several different materials. Most people opt for a tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain onlay that blends in with the rest of the tooth, but you can also get a gold or metal onlay that tends to be more durable even though it stands out. 

Onlays are similar to other devices called inlays. The main difference is that onlays go over the cusp only while inlays only fill the gaps between the cusps. 

What can onlays repair?

There are a few reasons why your dentist at Central Avenue Dental might tell you to get an onlay, or give you a choice between an onlay and a crown. Onlays cause less damage to the tooth, so you might find them to be the preferable option. 

After examining your mouth for tooth damage, your dental professional may recommend an onlay for teeth that need fillings but have sustained too much damage to support them. An onlay gives the tooth more support and structure.

Similarly, your dentist might recommend an onlay if you have a damaged tooth but do not want to compromise it further by removing a significant amount of enamel for a crown. 

What is the process of getting an onlay?

Getting an onlay at Central Avenue Dental requires you to make two separate dental appointments. Your dentist can help you schedule them with enough time in-between to create your onlay while minimizing the time you need a temporary onlay. 

Here’s what to expect at your visits:

The first onlay visit

During your first visit for an onlay, your dentist injects local anesthesia to numb the tooth and a margin around it. They remove any decay from the tooth as well as damaged portions. Next, they take an impression of the tooth to use in the design of your onlay. They place a temporary onlay over the tooth before sending the impressions to the lab. 

The second onlay visit

By the second visit, your onlay is ready to go. Your dentist carefully removes the temporary onlay and cleans the tooth thoroughly. Then, they put the permanent onlay in its new place to make sure it fits. They permanently bond the onlay in place and finish the process with a deep polish. 

To learn more about onlays and compare them to dental crowns, call Central Avenue Dental, or book an appointment online today.