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Mouth Guards


Central Avenue Dental is one of New York’s premier dental practices, with convenient locations in Financial District and Valley Stream. Our experienced dentists and staff are experts in advanced dentistry treatments, including night guards and sports mouth guards to protect your teeth and prevent teeth grinding. Furthermore, Dr. Alevtina Edgar and Dr. Igor Ilyabayev are both members of the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association. We always put your satisfaction first and have been recognized as a Patient’s Choice Winner on Opencare. Visit us today!

What Is An Occlusal Night Guard?

An occlusal night guard is a form-fitting mouth guard made of hard acrylic plastic to protect your teeth while you sleep. The purpose of the night guard is to prevent damage to the teeth from grinding, called bruxism. Although cheaper night guards are advertised, it’s important to get a proper fit from a dentist because:

  •  Grinding and clenching teeth happens at night when you don’t know it
  •  There is no way to stop grinding and clenching
  •  Grinding and clenching damage the surface and ends of the teeth
  •  An ill-fitting night guard may hurt or may not help
  •  A night guard can absorb the grinding and clenching force
  •  A guard can protect the teeth from further damage
  •  Even teeth that are implants or crowns or bridges can be protected

What Are Sports Guards For?

Studies show that athletes are sixty times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth if they’re not wearing a mouth guard.

When you or your child is playing just about any sport or doing recreational activities, it’s critical to wear a sports guard to:

  •  Minimize the risk of broken teeth
  •  Protect the lips and tongue
  •  Help cushion a blow to the face
  •  Avoid damage to the jaw
  •  Protect the soft tissues of the cheek lining and inside the lips

In sports, a mouth guard is as essential a piece of equipment as any other protective gear. Contact sports require mouth guards, but other sports and recreational activities can be dangerous too:

  •  Football, hockey, and boxing (required)
  •  Wrestling, rugby
  •  Gymnastics, skating
  •  Baseball, softball, fencing, lacrosse
  •  Skateboarding, hoverboarding

A sports guard should cover your teeth including your gums. Sports guards are made of a softer material than night guards. There are several types of mouth guards available: inexpensive stock mouth guards, “boil and bite” mouth guards, and custom fit mouth guards. Only a custom fit mouth guard will be comfortable, fit your mouth perfectly, and be more likely to not come out when the head is jostled or when a fall happens. Custom fit mouth guards are critical for children and adults:

  •  With upper braces
  •  With lower-teeth braces
  •  With a fixed dental appliance, such as a retainer
  •  With dental bridgework
  •  Who care about their teeth

What Can I Expect at the Dentist’s Office?

  •  At a regular visit, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth
  •  The impression hardens and is sent to a lab
  •  The guard fits your teeth exactly and is only for you
  •  The dentist and he will ensure that the guard fits correctly
  •  You can always return to your dentist if you have problems with your sports guard

Guard Your Most Important Asset: Your Smile

It’s very important to call Central Avenue Dentists now if you even suspect that you may be grinding your teeth at night. It’s also important that everyone in your family have a custom-made mouth guard for sports and activities. The expert dentists at Central Avenue Dentists, conveniently located in Valley Stream, Queens, and also in Tribeca, Manhattan, have made hundreds of night and sports guards for their patients. Dr. Alevtina Edgar and Dr. Igor Ilyabayev are members of the American Dental Association and also the Dental Society of the State of New York. They believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So take care of your teeth, and call (516) 887-0020 for an evaluation.

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