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White / Composite Tooth Filling


If you’re suffering from tooth decay, chipped teeth, or cracked teeth, dental fillings may be the best solution for you. At Central Avenue Dental in NYC, our board-certified dentists provide white tooth fillings, inlays, and onlays to restore your teeth to their original natural appearance.

Central Avenue Dental is one of New York’s premier dental practices, with convenient locations in Manhattan Tribeca and Valley Stream. Our experienced dentists and staff are experts in general dentistry services, including white composite tooth fillings. Furthermore, Dr. Alevtina Edgar and Dr. Igor Ilyabayev are both members of the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association. We always put your satisfaction first and have been recognized as a Patient’s Choice Winner on Opencare. Visit us today!

Why Composite Tooth Fillings?

For most fillings on back teeth, we use a natural looking, cosmetic resin. Composite fillings are made up of a strong, plastic material that is easy to apply and difficult to detect. This white material produces a long-lasting, natural-looking filling. When the size of a cavity is too large for this material, we are then able to use ceramic, tooth-colored partial crowns called onlays. These onlays are made in 2 visits to the office and are also a durable, cosmetic solution.

Metal-Free Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays

Metal-Free Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays

For many years, silver metal restorations, such as amalgam fillings, were your only option for repairing cavities and improving oral health. Fortunately, our practice can offer a lifelike alternative.

With white porcelain fillings/inlays/onlays, we can return decayed teeth to their optimal appearance and function. At Central Avenue Dental in NYC, we can address your cavities and offer an attractive and strong treatment option.

How Do I Know If I Need Tooth Fillings?

We may recommend composite tooth fillings for a number of reasons, including:

  •  Severe tooth decay
  •  Chipped teeth
  •  Cracked teeth
  •  Cavities

You may need dental fillings if you suddenly experience discomfort in your teeth. Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or a toothache that doesn’t subside could be a warning sign of decay or possibly even a dental fracture.

If you have discomfort or break a tooth, then you may also benefit from receiving a restoration such as a tooth inlay or onlay.

Dental Fillings/Restoration

A composite tooth filling/restoration is a common option for repairing a cavity. In the past, they were made from metal, also known as amalgam. Now, we offer a more aesthetically pleasing option. Made from composite resin, this white material can actually be shaded to better blend with your surrounding tooth structure.

There are many benefits to composite tooth fillings over amalgam fillings. The result is a repair practically invisible to other people. We can complete the dental filling in just one visit, fixing your tooth and preventing further discomfort for a lifetime. Composite tooth fillings are also completely safe and non-toxic.

Tooth Inlays and Onlays

In some situations, decay or damage may require more than a dental filling. If a tooth doesn’t need a full dental crown, we can offer an alternative with either an inlay or an onlay. The inlay consists of a small piece of porcelain crafted at a dental lab by an expert ceramist.

The restoration is used to cover the center portion of the tooth. Likewise, an onlay is also fabricated from porcelain but the doctor uses this option to cover the top surface of the tooth or one or more of the cusps. Patients enjoy a conservative approach to dental restoration when compared to a tooth crown.

We use porcelain because the material mimics the appearance of enamel and offers decades of strong and secure smile improvement.

If you have any questions about composite tooth fillings, inlays, or onlays, or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Igor Ilyabayev and Dr. Alevtina Edgar, please contact our Valley Stream, Queens office at (516) 887-0020 or our Tribeca, NYC office at (212) 571-0033.

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