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Botox® / Fillers / Voluma®


If you’re looking to not only transform your smile but also your entire face, you may want to consider getting Botox®, dermal fillers, or Voluma® at Central Avenue Dental in NYC. Our experienced cosmetic dentists can help restore your youth by smoothing out pesky lines and wrinkles. Schedule an appointment online, or learn more about Central Avenue Dental and our cosmetic treatments below.

Central Avenue Dental is one of New York’s premier dental practices, with convenient locations in Financial District, NYC and Valley Stream, Queens. Our experienced dentists and staff are experts in cosmetic dentistry procedures, including Botox®, dermal fillers, and Voluma®. Dr. Alevtina Edgar and Dr. Igor Ilyabayev are both members of the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association and work with Dr. Ellen Edgar, an American Board-Certified Neurologist. We always put your satisfaction first and have been recognized as a Patient’s Choice Winner on Opencare.

What Are Botox®, Fillers, and Voluma®?

The highly experienced dentists at Central Avenue Dental are—besides being expert dentists—also at the cutting edge of one of the newest developments in cosmetic dentistry: helping to restore and enhance the entire look of the face once the work on the teeth is completed. Certain dental conditions can cause a lot of pain, which in turn causes unattractive and eventually permanent lines and wrinkles. Good dental work will fix the teeth, but cannot address the damage that may have occurred to the entire face. Botox®, dermal fillers, and Voluma® help address the facial issues from our offices in NYC.

What Are the Benefits of Botox®, Dermal Fillers, and Voluma® in Dentistry?

Along with or after your dental work:

  •  Your dental issues may have affected the way your face looks
  •  The dental office can provide, along with dental work, suggestions to help
  •  Botox®, dermal fillers, and Voluma® can offer a more attractive look along with your new smile
  •  You do not need to go to another specialist to have this kind of work done
  •  You might not be aware of the dramatic difference that a little Botox® or filler can do

Your trusted dentists and their expert facial cosmetic associate, who is a board-certified neurologist, are in a position to provide Botox® and other cosmetic services because they are all too aware of exactly where your face is affected and what the best treatment is.

What Can I Expect If I Get Botox®, Dermal Fillers, or Voluma®?

  •  Your specialist will discuss with you exactly where your lines and wrinkles are most prominent
  •  You will be the one to decide how much or how little treatment you want
  •  You do not need to go to a special surgery center
  •  The time you will need to set aside is usually just an hour or two for most Botox®, dermal fillers, and Voluma® treatments
  •  Your skin will be cleaned of any make-up or dirt, and the injection(s) done along the wrinkle line
  •  First, your specialist might offer an anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain
  •  The filler is injected by needle and is typically brief, like a series of tiny shots
  •  The area that receives filler may feel a little sore for a day or two
  •  The area that gets filler may feel a little “stiff” or look a little swollen, but that will fade
  •  You can expect to be amazed at how much younger you look and feel!

Say Yes to the Experts

If you really want your smile to be more stunning, why not enhance your face too? You’ll look younger and be more confident and beautiful. The primary dentists at Central Avenue Dental work in conjunction with an expert specifically in this area, Dr. Ellen Edgar, who is an American Board Certified Neurologist as well as an active member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology (ABCN). Make an appointment now with the experts at Central Avenue Dental, located in Valley Stream, Queens, and Tribeca, Manhattan for a Botox®, dermal filler, or Voluma® treatment. Discover for yourself all the benefits that a good dentist can provide along with an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Call (516) 887-0020 now for an evaluation today.

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