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If you Experience Dental Anxiety

If you're among the estimated 15% of patients that avoid seeking the dental care they require due to fears or misconceptions about treatment, the compassionate team at Central Avenue Dental understands. We offer options in dental sedation to make the prospect of seeking care a whole lot easier. Our practice is committed to serving your oral healthcare needs while ensuring your comfort throughout treatment.

When people experience anxiety about the potential discomfort of dental treatment or visits to the dentist in general, they often choose a practice that offers options in dental sedation. 

Sedation not only creates a feeling of calm and relaxation that lasts throughout treatment, but it also makes lengthy procedures feel like they're over in just minutes. Furthermore, with methods of conscious sedation, you're still able to respond to verbal cues from our dentist.

As the first step in care, before you undergo sedation, our office will carefully review your medical history as well as discuss any pre or post-op instructions. We'll also address any questions you may have regarding treatment. Talk to our dentist about any fears and concerns before your appointment for dental work. We’ll recommend the type of sedation that suits the needs of your specific case.

You can rely on our experienced professional team to deliver the most precise and gentle treatment. Dental sedation facilitates a more comfortable and stress-free visit. Positive experiences help to eliminate negative associations with the dental chair, thereby making it easier to seek dental care the next time you need it.

Committed to excellence in oral care

At the office of Central Avenue Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services to meet the needs of every member of your family. Our outstanding reputation is based on providing experienced and compassionate care with an unparalleled level of skill to achieve the best results for all our patients. For more information on sedation dentistry and the many services that we provide, give us a call today.

By Central Avenue Dental - Tribeca

March 3, 2020

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